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Zowie G-TF Mouse Mat Review

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First of all we would like to thank CaseKing.de for supplying the sample. CaseKing.de is known for the width of their gaming product portfolio which of course includes all of Zowie's current products.

Despite being a new player on the market Zowie have already managed to launch a few noteworthy products. Today we are taking a look at their G-TF gaming mouse mat which is a cloth mat with a twist. The twist of course being the triple-stitched edges that improve the durability of the mat dramatically since it basically gives you fray-free edges.


  • SpawN’s Uniquely Textured Material – 100% cloth but fast as plastic
  • Liquid-resistant surface allows for easy maintenance
  • Anti-fray Edges – Triple-stitched, rolled hem for longevity of pad life preventing wear-n-tear
  • Rolled Edges – Provides added comfort while playing
  • Perfect, and 100% compatible with all mouse types
  • Purposefully designed with non-slip grip rubber base
  • Right size for designers & gamers: 440 x 380 x 4 mm / 17.3 x 15 x 0.16 inch
The "100% cloth but fast as plastic" claim is more than bold. Even reasonably priced plastic mats are way faster than the G-TF. The only mats that come close to the performance of a hard mat are hybrid mats that have an actual plastic coating on top of the natural rubber foam base.
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