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Akasa noir S 2.5" USB 3.0 Review

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As with most Akasa enclosures, the noir S ships in a cardboard box with an image of the device in the front along with a black backdrop to go with the name of the unit. You will find a list of features and specifications on the underside of the box in multiple languages.

The noir S has been placed in a cardboard tray with the cables and contents underneath in the box itself, while a thin plastic bag protects the unit itself from scratches or fingerprints.


As this is an USB 3.0 enclosure you receive a black cable, unlike the standard blue version which is usually part of such devices. Akasa has also included a separate power to USB cable, so you are covered no matter what. A simple pouch is also part of the package. I have tried pushing the enclosure into it and it was a really tight fit. My guess is, that it will loosen up a bit after prolonged use. Last, but not least you get a bag of screws and a screw driver, along with a simple manual.
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