Arozzi Verona V2 Gaming Chair Review 5

Arozzi Verona V2 Gaming Chair Review

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Our first package from Arozzi, as nearly all other chairs we have thus far received, is littered with scratches, and pieces have also been ripped off, which is due to the rough shipping conditions it has been put through. The package is 86 x 69 x 35 cm (33.9" x 27.2" x 13.8") large and weighs 25 kg (56.2 lb). This is one of the lightest chair packages we have ever received.

The package is completely black, and at its top, we find the phrase "Keep yourself in the game" twice.

Various pieces of information regarding the chair are plastered onto the left side of the package in six different languages. However, we did notice inconsistencies in regards to some of these technical specifications. We reached out to the company, and its people told us that some measurements taken at the factory weren't accurate. The technical information that is provided on the official website is correct, however, and these inaccuracies on the packaging will hopefully be fixed soon.

Arozzi was thoughtful enough to display all the colors of the series on a side of the package. Potential buyers will, as such, only have to take a look at the package to figure out which colors this chair is available in.


All contents are covered in plastic membrane and additional foam sheets.

The bundle includes the following:

• Chair's backrest (with two pre-attached pillows)
• Chair's base with both armrests pre-installed
• Chair's plastic five-star base
• Butterfly tilt-/ height-adjustment mechanism
• Grade class-4 gas lift
• Hydraulic system-/dust-cover shroud
• Five caster wheels

• Two side covers

• Neck pillow
• Lumbar-support pillow
• A pair of white cotton gloves
• An illustrated user's manual with instructions on how to assemble four different Arozzi chair models
• A safety precautions sheet
• An Allen key

This is the assembly manual.
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