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Cooltek Coolcube Black Review

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Value & Conclusion

  • The Cooltek Coolcube Black is available for €49.99
  • Very compact case
  • Light weight
  • Easily fits board with OEM cooler
  • Will fit cooler of up to 80 mm in height
  • Can hold up to two hard drives
  • Standard ATX PSU will fit nicely
  • Rubber rings as anti-vibration measure for hard drives
  • All aluminum construction
  • Easy access to everything
  • Easy assembly process
  • Two expansion slots allow for short dual-slot cards to be used
  • Will be available in silver and white shortly
  • Simple construction
  • Implementation of power button and I/O quite basic and fragile
  • No 5.25" drive bay
The Cooltek Coolcube has two stories to tell. It is, on one hand, extremely compact with its dimensions of 200 x 210 x 240 mm and can hold two hard drives while easily taking a GeForce 650 or 660 graphics card, thanks to the two slots and 185 mm of space, but it lacks a 5.25" slot, and the power and I/O implementation is quite basic in terms of engineering. Its strongest competitor is clearly the PC-Q7 by Lian Li: It is slightly larger, offers a few extra colors, the external drive bay, and better internal engineering for slightly less, but lacks audio I/O and dual slots. So while they are similar in size, Cooltek's approach is clearly geared towards creating the utmost space available for hardware, while Lian Li tries to offer as many drive bays as possible at the cost of expandability.

I do believe Cooltek has chosen the superior approach with a better set of I/O and the ability to install a midrange graphics card into a compact case. Both are things people should value enough to spend an additional five euro. Cooltek just needs to add a couple color options and a better engineered I/O and power button to make this case perfect!
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