Corsair CX Series Modular CX600M 600 W Review 19

Corsair CX Series Modular CX600M 600 W Review

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The box in which the PSU is shipped is small and features a nice color scheme that combines a white background with bright green touchups. The front has a close photo of the fan grill, and in the top-right side, the unit's series is highlighted against a bright green background. The model number is given in extra-large green and white letters below which are, in the bottom-right corner, three badges for the PSU's Bronze efficiency, the three-year warranty, and its ErP Lot 6 compliance.

We only find a small Corsair logo and the unit's model number on this side.

The rear side provides a lot of information about the PSU including all available connectors along with their cable lengths, a graph illustrating the cooling fan's noise output throughout the entire load range, and another graph depicting the efficiency curves with 230V and 115VAC power input. The power specifications table is near the bottom-right corner, and a reference to the three-year warranty can be found right above that.


The restricted production cost prevented the use of packing foam. Instead, a bubble-wrap protects the unit inside the box.

The bundle includes a user manual, a warranty guide, an AC power cord, a set of fixing bolts, and many zip-ties.

All modular cables are, as you can see, flat and stealth (they only use black-colored wires). According to Corsair, all-black, sleeved cables and connectors help give your system a restrained, high-tech look. Sounds cool!


The PSU features a black-matte finish that is scratch resistant enough, and isn't, on top of that, a fingerprint magnet. The on/off switch is located above the AC receptacle at the front, with the fan facing upwards, so you won't have an easy way of accessing the aforementioned switch if you install the unit with the fan facing downwards. Both sides have decals with the PSU's model number. A grommet protects what few native cables protrude out of the enclosure from any sharp edges. Finally, the specifications label can be found on the bottom of the PSU.

The ATX cable is fully sleeved back into the housing, while the EPS one is flat, featuring stealth (black) wires.
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