Cougar Conquer Review 14

Cougar Conquer Review

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Cougar packs the Conquer into a fully colored cardboard box with an image of the case on one and additional views as well as details on the other side. The fairly slim sides hold the specifications of the chassis alongside a large company logo. As this is quite the large box, there are carrying handles on both sides as well.

Interestingly enough, there is no clear indication on which side is up when it comes to unboxing the Conquer. The only hint is the company logo, which has to be upright when opening the package. The Conquer chassis itself comes in various parts that are neatly packaged in multiple foam layers. That allows Cougar to offer a slightly larger but quite slim package overall - much like the IKEA principle.


The Cougar Conquer is a unique beast as it requires a lot of assembly, which is done as you fill the system with parts. Thus, we will combine the two steps and try to show what the case offers while putting all the components inside. Besides all the aluminum and glass parts, you will also receive an assembly manual and marketing flier.
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