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Here we have the front and back side of the Diamond Stealth Express X550. It was nice to see that Diamond opted for the DDR2 for its X550 rendition with the Infineon 2.8ns rated for 700MHz even though it's under clocked at 500MHz, should allow for a nice memory overclock. The card has output connections for DVI, VGA, TV-Out which supports its use as a Multimedia graphics card.

The heatsink fan is very quiet and isn't made of copper or aluminum but rather from a cast.
As display connectors you get an analog VGA output and a digital DVI output. The round connector in the middle is for TV-out to watch movies on your PC, for example.

There is a GPU pad to protect the chip and a thermal pad is used instead of thermal paste. I did install a Type-K Thermocouple sensor next to the GPU to get an idea of temps the RV370 would be running at, since a temperature chip is not installed on the card. This is in no way 100% accurate but should get us relatively close for my purposes.
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