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Fractal Design Define XL Review

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Fractal Design ships the Define XL in the same type of black cardboard box as the Define R3. It is just larger and a bit wider to fit the larger chassis. In the front you will find an image of the chassis itself while the rear has a shot of the interior and lists some general features and specifications. Both sides of the package do not hold any more valuable information, but there are openings to carry the package around fairly easily - even though the Define XL is quite heavy.

Two foam spacers, reinforced with cardboard hold the entire unit in place, while a plastic bag has been placed of the chassis to protect it from fingerprints and scratches at the factory.


You receive a fairly basic set of contents with the chassis. A big bag of black screws for every area of the chassis, the fan controller we have seen with every other Fractal Design chassis up to now and a frame to install a 3.5 inch device into the 5.25 inch bay.
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