G.Skill ECO Kit 4 GB PC3-12800U CL7-8-7 4

G.Skill ECO Kit 4 GB PC3-12800U CL7-8-7 Review

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A Closer Look

The ECO kit comes equipped with dark grey, aluminum heat spreaders. Nothing fancy, but in the same theme we have come to know from G.Skill. The company is clearly going for the understated look with a color choice, which should appeal to most users.

Both sides of the modules look identical as far as the heatspreaders are concerned. They are fairly compact in overall size, which means that these should fit into any system, no matter how cramped it is inside.

The company logo, along with the "tribal art" are part of the spreaders instead of simply being glued on. One side also holds the memory sticker with all relevant information to run the kit at its rated speed, CAS latency and voltage.

Even though G.Skill makes no official mention of the amount of layers these modules use, if you look closely, there are six of them. This seems to be the standard number for high-quality modules these days. It is also clear that BrainPower is the manufacturer behind the actual PCB. The lettering "B63URCB 0.70" on the edge of the memory is the revealing factor here.
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