GIGABYTE 3D Galaxy II Review

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The Valves

One thing GIGABYTE seems to be particularly proud of is their new valve system. Having these two valves in the loop adds an easy way to add a GPU block into the system. GIGABYTE has a kit that works in conjunction with this called the Blue Eye.

The Water Block

The water block is made of Copper and has an Acrylic top for the inlet and outlets of the block. An Aluminum clip goes over the block to adapt it to all AMD offerings, while there is another clip for Intel 775 solutions.

The base of the block has a protective film placed over the contact area for protection. Once removed, a nice shiny contact area is exposed. GIGABYTE did a very nice job on the surface; it is very flat and smooth, though it doesn't have one of those mirror finishes.


The fan is made by Everflow, rated at 1200 RPM ~ 2600 RPM and has blue LEDs to add to the decor of the unit. Being 120 mm, it can move a large amount of air without running at high revolutions. I did find however, that when the fan was on full, it gave me the sense that it was going to start sucking things up, it was that loud. This is exactly why GIGABYTE include a fan controller with the kit.

There is also an 80 mm fan that clips on the water block to help keep air moving in the case where with a water block normally, you have no fans around the CPU. The fan will also act as a cooler for local MOSFETs and other hot components in the area. It also has blue LEDs in it as the radiator fan does.
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