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LEPA G1600-MA 1600 W Review

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The packaging looks very serious, with its black background and the lack of vivid colors and graphics, but at the same time it exudes an air of luxury. On the front we find a photo of the unit and on its right with gold fonts the capacity is given along with the phrase "Highest Wattage", which is fully justified at least for now since currently the LEPA G1600-MA is the strongest PSU available on the market. Finally in the bottom right corner we find a small badge that informs about the 1700W peak power.

On the rear side of the box we find much more detailed information about the unit. There are some shots of the internals which surely are of great interest to the experienced users, a short feature description, a table with the unit's power specifications, a cable description and finally a scheme of the modular panel which shows the rails distribution. Since the unit has many +12V rails it is good to take a look at the modular panel scheme in order to utilize the EPS and PCIe connectors in the best way possible.


Once we removed the outer packaging, we find a black box containing three drawers, a large one and two smaller ones. The large drawer accommodates the PSU, the user's manual and some other leaflets while in the smaller drawers the huge amount of modular cables along with the AC power cord and a set of fixing bolts are stored. Unfortunately LEPA didn't include any Velcro straps or even some zip ties and this is a shame in such an expensive unit.


The unit features a nice matte finish which is fairly fingerprint proof. On the sides, with large gold fonts, the model number is written and the sight of the number "1600" is enough to prepare us for what is going to follow once we put this beast on the bench table. On the front side besides the classic honeycomb-style exhaust grill and the AC receptacle we find a small On/Off switch while on the rear side a huge amount of modular sockets take over most of the real estate. The fan grill looks cool although it uses a common design, thanks to the LEPA logo located on its center. Finally the small specifications label is located on the bottom of the unit, so it doesn't spoil its appearance.
Overall the external built quality of the G1600-MA is very good and surely worthy of a PSU of this price/category.
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