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LEPA G1600-MA 1600 W Review

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We would like to thank LEPA for supplying the review sample.

LEPA is a house brand of Enermax, so their high-end PSU offerings are based on Enermax platforms. For those few of you who never heard of Enermax before, it is one of the major PSU manufacturers with huge experience in this field, offering lots of great performing units in their products range. Their newest platform is used on Enermax MaxRevo and Platimax PSUs, some of them we have already reviewed in the past. As it seems Enermax wanted to bring LEPA into the high-end category so they gave them a modified Platimax platform which can deliver up to 1600W of power (1700W peak!) and at the same time it is 80 PLUS Gold certified since it is compatible with all power grids, contrary to the Enermax Platimax 1500W which was compatible only with 230VAC. So the G1600-MA was born and currently LEPA has the strongest PSU on the market.

The G1600-MA packs a long list of features. For starters it utilizes a full modular cabling design, its dimensions are compact considering its huge capacity, it has six +12V rails which can feed up to four high-end VGAs (4-Way GPU) and it is equipped with all modern protections to ensure its reliability along with the safety of the system it powers.

In times that all manufacturers, especially the ones that design CPUs and VGAs, struggle to lower power consumption and offer more efficient products with less energy dissipation, strangely PSU companies entered the capacity race again. Only some years ago there were very few PSUs that could deliver 1500W or more power, namely the Silverstone ST1500, the Ultra 1600W and Thermaltake's ToughPower 1500W but now competition in this ultra-high-end category already heated up with Platimax 1500, LEPA 1600, the new Thermaltake ToughPower 1500 and at this year's Computex many companies already announced new powerful units with over 1500W capacitiy. Apparently this is an impression game since only very few systems out there can fully utilize such strong PSUs but nevertheless it is really interesting for us to see how high the capacity bar can be raised.

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