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Lamptron Fan Controller Touch Review

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Lamptron packages the Touch in an all black cardboard sleeve that has various images of the fan controller as well as interface details. The specifics are listed on the lower back side along with pictures of what you'll receive in the box. Since there are no windows to take a peak at whats included, it's nice to know exactly what you'll be receiving when you go to unpack it.

Removing the outer cardboard sleeve the inner box is exposed. An all black box with the company name is all that is printed on this box. Immediately upon opening the inner box all the goods are securely packaged in place and held in place by foam inserts. With strong foam inserts nothing will be moving around to potentially scratch or damage the touch screen.


Removing all the accessories we have six temperature probes, six 3 pin fan header adapters, the Molex power connector cable, and the installation instructions. A product catalog was included to give details about other Lamptron items. The lengths of the 3 pin fan adapters are very generous, nearly 18 inches. The standard red, black, and yellow color scheme was employed with these fan adapter cables, while colorful a simple black would have made a great impact; even more so had these cables been sleeved.

Removing the main unit from the packaging and laying out the included cleaning cloth the Touch presents a nice sleek and modern look. The touch screen is great for interface but the simplicity of a sleek black screen is quite attractive.
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