Lamptron Fan Controller Touch 5

Lamptron Fan Controller Touch Review

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A Closer Look

Making our way around the head unit starts with the front. A nice sleek black screen with a brushed aluminum frame really accentuates the look. While the look is visually pleasing, the soft aluminum touch sets this apart from most rolled steel cases.

A full view of the backside reveals the six fan headers, Molex power connector, and the other electronic components. This exposed PCB only handles the interaction of the power with the fan, all the touch screen components are placed on a separate PCB with its own electronic circuitry.

Zooming in, all the necessary interconnections are displayed. Starting with the lower left, the small white circular object is actually a speaker, specifically the audio alarm. Along the top are the six fan headers, each with their power circuitry directly below. Moving to the right side is where the power connects via the Molex connection. Directly below are the six temperature probe connections and even further is a 2 pin alarm jumper pin header. The connectivity is rather straight forward, however; each is explained further in depth with the included instructions.
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