NOX Coolbay HX Case & APEX 700W 5

NOX Coolbay HX Case & APEX 700W Review

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The package of the Coolbay HX features a black backdrop and a large image of the chassis itself on the front. The rear shows you the guts of the case and goes into great detail about the various features. NOX lists the specifications in six languages, three on each side of the retail box.

The case is protected by thick Styrofoam spacers. These may not survive a fall, but should take the hit instead of the case. A heavy-duty plastic bag further protects the Coolbay HX from lighter damage.


Within the case you will find a bag full of various black screws which goes great with the all-black design of the Coolbay HX. A pair of rails to use a 3.5 inch device in one of the 5.25 inch bays, a few zip ties, a speaker and a little pamphlet with wiring diagrams for the audio and USB 2.0 connectors is also included. The black & white manual with a lot of different images should make assembly a breeze.
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