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Although ZS series targets the value-oriented gaming rings the package lacks vivid colors and playful schemes. In other words the packaging is too serious for a PSU that addresses the gaming community. Nevertheless the box is there only to protect the product and its design affects only the users that decide their next buy in the shop by looking at the product packaging without reading any reviews, something that may be disastrous for their wallets and even their systems at some times, since we are talking about PSUs here.
On the face of the box we find a photo of the unit on a dark background and right next to it there is a brief characteristics reference. On the rear side we find the same photo along with more details about its features. Finally, on the bottom and the top side there are the technical specifications/connector description and the power specifications respectively.


The contents of the box are neatly arranged. The unit is wrapped in plastic and on its bottom there is packing foam. The bundle is a clear indication to the price category of the PSU since it's very poor. Along with the ZS 750W you will get only only the essentials, namely a user's manual, an AC power cord and a set of fixing bolts. No zip or Velcro ties are included, not even an OCZ badge.


The dark semi-glossy finish has nice quality and the stickers on the side look really good. On the front the classic honeycomb grill is used along with an On/Off switch. The rear side does not have any ventilation holes and the cable exit is covered by a grommet. The lack of a sticker/badge on the fan's center does not add appearance bonus, on the contrary makes the fan look kind of cheap although it uses ball bearing. Finally on the bottom side of the PSU case resides the power specifications label where we noticed that the test unit we have on our hands is the EU/UK version and its power input is not universal (100-240 VAC) but restricted to 230VAC. It seems that following this way they lowered the production cost.
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