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QPAD MK-50 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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The Package

QPAD ships their keyboards in a huge cardboard box that is extremely well padded on the inside.

Bundle wise the QPAD MK-50 is no let down. You get four orange keys and a key remover.

Since the MK-50 is a stripped down version of the MK-85 there are no USB or audio connectors going to and from the keyboard.

Closer Examination

The MK-50 has the same basic shape as its two siblings. Even though the MK-50 is the cheapest version it still comes with the somewhat horrible looking wrist rest, which works alright.

A crude blanking of where the USB ports used to be is in place on the MK-50 keyboard. It looks a bit random, and actually allows for dirt to get into the keyboard. Definitely not the most elegant solution.

The Cherry MX Brown keys are very versatile in the sense that they are brilliant for typing and really good for gaming. Among the different key mechanisms from Cherry, the MX Browns are definitely the top pick when it comes to everyday usability for normal gaming enthusiasts.

One feature that is also absent on the QPAD MK-50 is the G/PC switch that allows you to turn off the Windows-keys. This omission leaves room for a scroll-lock indicator at the top right corner of the keyboard.

Our test sample had the usual Nordic layout with three variations of the special characters. The MK-series keyboards are available in several different localized versions including German, US, UK, French and Nordic.

Media keys are present on the MK-50, you just press the function keys and voila the F1-F6 turns into a playback controller.

Another good feature which has been carried over from the MK-80/85 design is the three position stand mechanisms at the bottom of the keyboard. These work incredibly well and seem very sturdy.
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