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QPAD MK-50 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The QPAD MK-50 sells for €79.90!
  • Good build quality
  • Available with all current generation types of Cherry MX key mechanisms
  • Available in most localizations
  • Stand mechanism with three different settings
  • Wrist rest
  • Full size keyboard
  • Reasonable price reduction compared to the MK-85
  • Still pricey!
  • Dodgy approach to blanking off ports
  • No way to disable the Windows-keys
QPAD's approach to scaling down the features of the MK-85 is quite successful. For a lot of people the USB 2.0 ports and audio pass-through are non-essentials and therefore offering a keyboard without these features at roughly half the price of the MK-85 whilst retaining the different key mechanism options is nothing short of brilliant. The QPAD MK-50 represents a solid keyboard which lets you choose the installed key mechanisms. The feature set is pretty basic but everything works well and the price is manageable if you are a dedicated gamer.

Some of the design choices a bit dodgy at best, the spot where the USB ports used to be on the MK-80/85 keyboard is scarcely blanked off with small plastic taps which looks bad and will allow dust and junk to enter the keyboard's core. For a keyboard that is intended for serious gamers going from LAN party to LAN party this is a relatively large oversight, on an otherwise well engineered keyboard.
For the price though it is hard to beat and therefore it is definitely a recommendable keyboard for anyone looking for a keyboard that allows you pick the key mechanisms.
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