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QPAD QH-90 Gaming Headset Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • QPAD QH-90 Headset sells for €99
  • Great all-around performance
  • Musical presentation
  • Good sound stage
  • Great build quality
  • Detachable microphone
  • Easy to power
  • Comfortable
  • Insane price/performance ratio
  • Will not be analytical enough for some FPS gamers
QPAD's QH-90s are amazing value for money. Not only is the performance as a headset good, but you can also use these as a set of headphones without looking silly since its microphone is detachable. The design is sturdy and quite neutral, which allows you to wear them in public without drawing too much attention.

The sound signature of the QH-90s is entertaining. The bass is big yet punchy, and the midrange is very detailed for a set of €99 headphones. This headset is one of the first to compare well to sub €100 headphones, which is quite a feat. The addition of a solidly attached microphone is a real bonus for all the gamers out there.

This headset works brilliantly for gaming, but a few tweaks to the sound signature could make the QPAD QH-90 even better; it must currently be regarded as one of the top headsets out there. The performance is, interestingly enough, phenomenal when it comes to music playback, with sound that is natural and precise, and there are no severe issues at any point in the frequency range, which only a few headsets out there can claim.
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