Razer Destructor Mouse Mat 6

Razer Destructor Mouse Mat

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The Package

The Razer Destructor comes in a semi hard carrying bag. On the front and back of the package you can read all about how many "top professional" gamers endorse the mat. What it all boils down to, however, is that this mat has a new type of surface that makes it easier for both optical and laser mice to track movement.

According to the specifications listed by Razer, laser engines should be able to track acceleration 37% faster on the Destructor than on three other gaming grade mouse mats, and 25% when using standard optical sensor. These claims are of course hard to put to the test because Razer will not dish out what the benchmark mats were or how they tested. Size wise the Destructor is pretty normal measuring in at 350 mm length and 280 mm height.

The semi hard mouse mat case that comes with the Destructor is nice to have so that you do not end up ruining your pad going to and from LAN parties.

Besides the carrying case the bundle is pretty limited. No mouse feet or anything else, just the mat and a box.
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