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Sharkoon Swift-Case Combo 3.5" Review

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Package & Contents

The packaging shows the silver case and the name of the enclosure. A sticker lets the potential buyer know that this is the combo variant. The backside lists the features of the enclosure in different languages.

The actual cardboard box is kept in plain white and can be pulled out of the black cover. Once opened, the enclosure, cables and manual come to light. All very well packaged. The foam spacer shows that the cardboard box may house other bigger trays as well. The 5.25" Swift-Case probably fits into the same size package.

There is one CD with drivers and two manuals included. One shows the placement of the foam spacers included if you use a thinner hard drive and the second manal is an illustrated installation guide.

The Sharkoon Swift-Case Combo 3.5" comes with all needed cables so the user is free to choose either USB or Firewire. The power brick is average sized and comes with a green LED.

The case itself is of very high quality brushed aluminum. The stand slides into the side of the case so it can be placed upright if needed.
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