Shuttle Slim-PC DS61 3

Shuttle Slim-PC DS61

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A Closer Look - Outside

The DS61 is really small and comes from the factory with a VESA mount attached. At the front are the small on/off switch, two USB 2.0 ports, microphone- and earphone ports, the SD-card reader, and the power-on and HDD-activity LED lights.

The sides don't have any ventilation holes, but feature Kensinton lock ports. We also find two ventilation grills on top of the unit. Two 80 mm fans have been installed right beneath them; not directly on the casing, but on the heatsink meant to cool the CPU.

The VESA mount and a small specifications label are clearly visible on the bottom of the unit. The chassis also features many threaded holes (M3) that allow it to be fitted almost anywhere.

The most interesting part is surely the rear side of the DS61. Here, we find most I/O ports—namely, two USB 3.0- and two RS232 ports, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, HDMI and DVI-I outputs, and a DC-in socket. Shuttle also provides perforations for two Wireless Lan antennas, which allows you to install the appropriate expansion card to the mini-PCIe connector.
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