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Soundgraph iMON Smartbay Review

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Soundgraph ships the unit in a compact, full color cardboard box with quite the amount of detail on the front and rear of it. It also mentions the fact that you have to download an app from the iTunes App Store numerous times - including a QRCode with a link to it.


Generally speaking, the Smartbay is wired much like the other internal iMON devices. You will receive an ATX cable allowing you to power the PC on/off with the remote, a USB cable for the iPad and dock itself and a cable to route the iPad audio out the back of the chassis. On top of that, there are various cables to attach your sound system to the rear connectors. There are also four screws and foam pads as present. As with all other iMON devices, you will also receive a remote control, manual and application CD.
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