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Super Flower Golden King 500 W

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The small box utilizes a nice, vivid colored, design with the typical butterfly figure on the front left side. In the front bottom side we find a row of badges describing Platinum efficiency, Active PFC, the patent plug design (not applicable to this unit since it has only fixed cables), the two ball-bearing fan, the ErP Lot 6 compliance and finally the exclusive use of Japan made caps. On the rear, as usual, more details are given including the unit's specifications, a reference to the 80 Plus organization and a description of the Eco Intelligent Thermal Control System. The latter is a system which allows the PSU to go fanless until the internal temperature reaches a specific threshold. Also there is the option for normal operation (the fan working constantly at temperature controlled speed). Finally on the top side of the box a description of the unit's features is given along with an interesting reference to the electronic components used.


Once we opened the top flap a piece of packing foam revealed. Under it we found the user's manual and a folded piece of paper explaining the use of the switch that controls the cooling fan's hybrid operation in Chinese (don't worry, there is also an English translation)! The unit is protected by bubble wrap material and an AC power cord along with a set of thumbscrews for chassis mounting, complete the bundle. Unfortunately the affordable price didn't allow the inclusion of any extra accessories like Velcro straps or even zip ties for cable management purposes.


The finish of the unit is really good since it utilizes a black texture coating, something we didn't expect from a budget product (at least for its category it is considered a budget PSU). On the front we find the two way thermal switch which toggles the fan between Hybrid and normal operation. We would like to see a sticker here explaining the switch modes and also a better quality or at least a better appearance switch would be highly preferable. The current switch reminds us of the ones used in older PSUs to select between 115V or 230VAC input. On one of the two sides we find the power specifications label and on the rear side the cable exit hole features a grommet and all cables are fully sleeved back into the housing. Another nice touch is the white fan which matches the black matte finish and the badge in its center looks cool, too. All in all we were left very satisfied by the unit's external quality and appearance, although usually non modular units are not so appealing.
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