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Super Flower Golden King 500 W Review

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We would like to thank Super Flower for supplying the review sample.

It seems Super Flower is waging war against their competitors, since they simply don't stop releasing Platinum units which cover all market segments, from mainstream to high-end. In difficult times like these it's nice to see companies releasing affordable products which address budget oriented users who however still want top efficiency and good performance along with reliability of course. Only some months ago Platinum efficiency units, of any capacity, were priced too high going over budget for most. Thankfully, this trend is starting to fade away and in the last reviews we have seen highly affordable Platinum PSUs with great performance (e.g. the Kingwin Absolute Platinum 550W we tested last month).

Today we will review the smallest member of Super Flower's Golden King series. As a side note, most likely you will agree with us that this series doesn't have the optimum name since all of its seven members are 80 Plus Platinum certified. Back to our subject, the model number of the small King with 500W capacity is SF-500P14PE. Like all of its bigger brothers besides high efficiency this unit promises ultra-quiet operation, since at lower internal temperatures it goes fanless. If you still want to see the fan spinning at all temperatures you can toggle the thermal control switch. Unfortunately to cut the production cost, thus lower its price, Super Flower didn't use a modular cabling system for the SF-500P14PE. We know that most of you will be disappointed since modular cables are very practical but unfortunately add significant cost, so they are the the first to go when a manufacturer wants to reduce production cost.

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