Thermaltake Embedded 7" Addon LCD 30

Thermaltake Embedded 7" Addon LCD Review

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This LCD display is specifically designed for the Thermaltake Mozart TX. That's why I will show the installation there. With a little bit of modding this LCD should fit other cases as well. The dimensions of the part that go into the case are width 183mm, height 54mm, depth 158 mm.

First you have to remove the cover of the 7" drive bay.

The two screws on the left side are very easy to reach.

On the right side it is a bit more difficult. You can barely see the screw. In order to get it out you have to use a long screw driver. At least the opening is placed so that you can reach it.

Next, you have to remove the metal cover from the LCD unit. This is done by pressing the tabs on the sides apart, then you can slide the cover off.

After removing the old black cover you slide in the metal casing, it fits perfectly.

In order to lock the cage you have to press down these metal tabs so that they make contact with the case. When this is done the casing will be attached to the case perfectly. However, I don't like this mounting mechanism so much. It would be better if Thermaltake used a couple of screws. This would make it easier to get it out as well.

As last step you put the black bezel around the unit. The small opening at the top is normal. It is required for the LCD display to slide out.

On the backside you have to connect the power cable and the VGA cable. The USB cable is not required for display operation but used by the integrated touch panel.
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