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Packaging & Contents

The packaging for the Lanbox Lite is very similar to that of the original Lanbox. It is not quite as high, as there is no handle on the case. Thermaltake included a plastic handle, which makes it a breeze to carry home from your favorite place of purchase. Once opened up, the case can be seen. Everything is fitted nicely so you will not have to worry about damage due to movement inside the package.

The Styrofoam spacers used are quite thin. This translates into a more compact package, but also increases the chance of damage to the case. An unlucky drop or a pointy object can easily damage the case. Thermaltake has placed the Lanbox Lite inside a cloth bag, which is supposed to protect it from scratches.

Inside the case a little blue bag holds all the extras needed for upkeep and installation. You will find a detailed manual, a cloth to clean the case with, screws, a plastic stand-off and a black plastic piece to cover the sharp edges of the water cooling hole in the back of the case, but more on that later. The piece of metal to the right is needed to install a second optical drive inside the case.

The case itself is clean and does have an understatement look. It is perfect for users, who do not want all the blue lighting, curved front and do not require a VFD, but want a compact case. The paint job is immaculate. It is quite shiny and does have a very high quality feel to it.
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