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I would like to thank Zaward for supplying the review sample.

  • Heat transfer accelerated by exposed and flattened heatpipes in direct touch with CPU surface
  • Triple 8mm copper heatpipes rapidly absorb heat from CPU to fins
  • Mega aluminum heatsink provides large surface for heat dissipation and light weighted
  • Diverting blades, build flowing circle throughout fins and ferry the heat away
  • Large heatsink cover, enforce airflow blow through whole heatsink
  • Sophsiticated flowing design, maximise airflow and efficiently take away heat
  • Down blow turbo blow, cool components surrounded by CPU as well
  • PWN FAN maximise cooling performance and minimise noise
  • Chic transparent black cover and fan design with blie LED differs from others
  • Intel LGA775
  • AMD AM2
Dimensions:124mm x 124mm x 145mm (from base)
Heatsink Material:Aluminum Base / Fins and Copper Heat pipes
Heatpipe:3x 80mm Copper heat pipes
Fan Dimension:120mm x 120mm x 25mm
Fan Speed:1000 +/- 300 RPM ~ 2000 +/- 300 RPM (PWM)
LED:4x Blue LED
Maximum Air Flow:76.3 CFM
Noise:19 - 32 dBA
Weight:670g +/- 20g
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