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Zowie EC-B Series Review

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The shape of the EC-series is the same as it has been since the first installment; it again comes in two sizes, the bigger EC1-B and smaller EC2-B. If you've ever held any of them before you know how they feel. The shape is similar to other big ergonomic mice that took their inspiration from the original IME 3.0, like the Razer Deathadder. However, the EC series is a lot more rounded in shape, which is good for people who are irritated by edgy shapes as they grip their mouse tightly, though such a shape can also result in a mouse being slippery for those who don't fully palm-grip their mice.

Zowie EC-B Series
Weight:94 g90 g
Height:43 mm40 mm
Width:69 mm64 mm
Width at Grip Area:64 mm61 mm
Length:128 mm120 mm
Number of Buttons:55

Something to be noted is that Zowie has now implemented a second button on the bottom of the mouse which lets you chose the polling rate on the fly. Previously, you had to connect the mouse to the USB port and hold a certain button combination to change the polling rate. This new approach is both easier to use and displays the polling rate without having to check on it via the system. This is a good improvement in my eyes.

In the pictures below, you can see how I hold the EC1-B and the grip I use. This might give you an idea of whether the EC1-B also fits your needs when it comes to its shape.


Left to right: Roccat Kone EMP, Tt Esports Ventus X, Zowie EC1-B, Zowie EC2-B, and Logitech G403;

Here is a comparison of the new EC2-B and older EC2-A. The easiest way to tell the new model apart is by the black wheel, as the wheel was previously used to show which CPI setting the mouse was on based on the color it was lit up in.
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