Friday, August 7th 2009

Sapphire Readies HD 4650 AGP Accelerator

Sapphire announced its first Radeon HD 4000 series accelerator designed for the legacy AGP-8X interface. Available in 512 MB and 1 GB variants, the Sapphire HD 4650 AGP uses the RV730 GPU clocked at 600 MHz, with the 128-bit DDR2 memory at 800 MHz. It uses a single-slot design, with a simple fan-heatsink for the GPU. A peculiar part about the PCB design is its 6-pin PCI-E power input. Hopefully a Molex cable tides over this. Outputs are care of two DVI-D and a composite connector. The cards have started being listed on online stores, priced at 72 Euro. This card isn't the first of its kind, with PowerColor having recently announced a similar accelerator.
Source: TechConnect Magazine
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27 Comments on Sapphire Readies HD 4650 AGP Accelerator

newtekie1 said:
LOL at the 6-pin PCI-E power connector and the placement!

They expect people with AGP systems to have PCI-E power supplies?
My system with P4P800SE/Geforce Ti4400 has a PSU with PCI-e pin:laugh:
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lemonadesoda said:

Stuck record? Let s775 die. Let IDE die. Let PCI-E v1.0 die. Let OS 32bit die. Let Office XP/03 die. Let games patches die. Let TPU archives die. WTF?! NO! :banghead: LET THERE BE SUPPORT. 5 YEARS.

PS. AGP GPUs are about as useful as PCI-E x1 GPUs. ie. not for everyone. But for those that need; appreciated.
Record? Why haven't they died already! People still talking about them, infuriating!

PCI-E V1.0 is deader than AGP, IDE *cringe* those cables are horrible, omit them from my motherboard! 32bit? DIE, KILL IT NOW. The sooner XP dies the better! Office 03? No opinion...

Games patches? Keep 'em coming, I hate legacy tech being drawn out way too long, but I love old games.
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