Tuesday, November 17th 2009

Transcend Launches StoreJet 35T High-performance External Hard Drive

Transcend Information, Inc., a worldwide leader in storage and multimedia products, today introduced the latest addition to its StoreJet external hard drive lineup, the StoreJet 35T. With its TurboHDD USB transfer mode and One Touch auto-backup button, the compact 3.5-inch StoreJet 35T is an ideal data management system for uploading, downloading, storing and transferring vital data and information.

About the size of a hardback book, the black streamlined StoreJet 35T offers up to 1.5TB capacity, providing ample space for essential files, folders, documents, photos, music and high-definition videos. Its slender design allows it to be placed upright, thus occupying a smaller footprint to save precious desk space. Ideal for use at home or at the office, the handsomely designed StoreJet 35T is both stylish and practical.
Powerful TurboHDD USB Transfer Mode
The StoreJet 35T features Transcend’s cutting-edge TurboHDD USB technology that offers unprecedented data transfer performance, enhancing write speeds from 33MB/s to an average of 42MB/s—an increase of nearly 30%. When the drive is switched from standard mode into TurboHDD USB mode, its ring-shaped LED indicator will also change colors from green to bright blue to help users identify the drive’s current speed status. Additionally, the StoreJet 35T bundles with StoreJet Elite software that offers advanced 256-bit AES file and folder encryption with compression options to maximize the storage space and protect data at the same time. Also an eco-friendly drive, the StoreJet 35T is designed to automatically go into power-saving sleep mode after ten minutes of inactivity, allowing energy-savings of up to 67%.

Convenient One Touch Auto-Backup Button
The StoreJet 35T makes external storage easier than ever with its unique One Touch auto-backup button that other 3.5-inch external hard drive brands do not include. The One Touch backup system lets users instantly backup and synchronize data with their notebook or desktop PC, ensuring their important data is safely stored in a secondary location. The useful StoreJet Elite software also offers intelligent backup scheduling, Internet tools and advanced security tools. Now available in 1TB and 1.5TB capacities, the StoreJet 35T certified for Windows 7 is the perfect choice for high-capacity external storage.Source: Transcend
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3 Comments on Transcend Launches StoreJet 35T High-performance External Hard Drive

xbox 360 + PS3 Slim > StoreJet 35T :p
lets hope it dont have the red ring of death! :laugh:
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Maxtor used to have the one touch backup, that asked question after question on every machine with rights and or domains.....

one touch, and then about 500 clicks.

I prefer to just allow windows to run the backup, and then put that on a backup drive. Since you already have the hardware, all you need is the simple to use built in tool.
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No USB3 - NO SALE - back to School transcend ...

30~40 MB/s stopped being acceptable a LONG time ago - assuming such speeds on 1.5TB is just incompetent.
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