Wednesday, April 19th 2006

Kingston Introduces Low Latency DDR2 Memory Modules

Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the worldwide independent leader in memory products, announced today the expansion of their Ultra Low Latency DDR modules and introduction of Low Latency DDR2 memory modules. The Kingston HyperX 400 MHz (PC3200) CL2 DDR module specifications have been updated to support lower latency timings of 2-2-2-5-1 in 1-GB module and 2-GB kit memory configurations. HyperX 800-MHz (PC6400) CL4 DDR2 has been updated as well, to support 4-4-4-12 in 512-MB, 1-GB modules and 1-GB, 2-GB kit memory configurations. All of Kingston’s memory modules are 100-percent tested and come with a lifetime warranty, demonstrating Kingston Technology’s commitment to providing the latest in memory technology. Source: Kingston
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