Thursday, January 7th 2010

NVIDIA GF100 Graphics Card Chugs Along at CES

NVIDIA's next generation graphics card based on the Fermi architecture, whose consumer variant is internally referred to as GF100 got to business at the CES event being held in Las Vegas, USA, performing live demonstration of its capabilities. The demo PC is housing one such accelerator which resembles the card in past sightings. Therefore it is safe to assume this is what the reference NVIDIA design of GF100 would look like. The accelerator draws power from 6-pin and 8-pin power connectors. It has no noticeable back-plate, a black PCB, and a cooler shroud with typical NVIDIA styling. The demo rig was seen running Unigine Heaven in a loop showing off the card's advanced tessellation capabilities in DirectX 11 mode. The most recent report suggests that its market availability can be expected in March, later this year. No performance figures have been made public as yet.
A short video clip after the break.

Source: PCWatch
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kid41212003 said:
That's nothing related to Fermi.... I were expecting something like "MSI Lighting GTX380 Pictured".
It doesn't matter. Thats not a refresh anyway.

Hmmmmmm some of my posts have been deleted. I've been visted by the "Post Delete Fariy". Most of the time I wake up with an infraction under my pillow when he comes around!
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Performance Enthusiast
A refresh to me is an official ATi card that superceeds a 5870 or 5970, not just an OC model, not to mention 2gb ram would have been nice to see IMO, given it was done with a 4890.
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Well we could start arguing that the 4890 was just an OCed 4870 with a pinch of awesome sauce added ;)
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Hopefully they pick a plastic that doesn't look as cheap in the final product.
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