Tuesday, January 12th 2010

QNAP Moves to Pinetrail based NAS Storage Devices

QNAP has made a name for themselves with their previous NAS devices, which made use of the Intel Atom processor, but the newest revision of their units with 2, 4, 6 or 8 storage bays now runs on the Pinetrail Atom D510 and also features VMware and iSCSI support. All of them are able to run in IPv6 based networks as well. On top of that, we got to take a quick look at their consumer products - the TS-111 (one bay) and TS-210 (two bay). Both feature a 1000 Mb/s network port, along with an 800 MHz Marvell processor and 256 MB memory.
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1 Comment on QNAP Moves to Pinetrail based NAS Storage Devices

Would of sure wanna be on the showing of these and ask the presentive person what the hell costs so much.. It's a freaken 1 chip + plastic perhaps a single decent fan = 600$ -1300$ is a bit too much for box, chip + soldering job.

I could say pay for the quality is nice, but hell rackets alone for thousands no way.
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