Wednesday, February 3rd 2010

Sharkoon Presents the Rebel9 Series Successors

Sharkoon introduces four new Midi-ATX housings, which provide plenty of room for hardware configuration and system cooling as well as multiple designs for different requirements and styling ideas. The Sharkoon Rebel9 Pro model inherits its optimized housing construction from the previous Sharkoon Rebel9. However, this housing top-seller from Sharkoon has undergone a dramatic revision. This successor comes with numerous improvements and still carries a nearly consistent market sales price. All housings are constructed from sturdy SECC-steel with black exterior and interior lacquer. Behind the synthetic front panel, consisting of screens and an air intake in the mesh design as well as a high-gloss, stainless steel frame edging, the Pro option offers nine possible optical drive bays. With help from enclosed, decoupled mounting angles or suitable installation frames, for example the Sharkoon HDD Vibe-Fixer, 3.5" drives can also be utilized. The upper six drives are provided with removable faceplates, however, before using the remaining three drives the bracket for the 120mm fan must be simply removed, if necessary. Removable 5.25" faceplates will be made available by Sharkoon shortly as an optional accessory set.
Two USB 2.0 ports, one eSATA port, headphone and microphone ports, as well as the power and reset button are easily accessible on the housing top. The back contains seven slots for expansion cards and two hose extensions for an optional water cooler.

Newly featured in the Pro version is also the main board retention system: a practical cable slot in the main board allows concealing the cables between the main board mounting brackets and the side panel, offering unobstructed air circulated inside the housing. Another convenient feature is the generous amount of space below the CPU cooler; therefore it can be easily replaced without having to first remove the main board. The installation of hardware occur largely tool free; the drives allow it with a quick-locking assembly. The power supply sits at the bottom of the housing on spacers over the air intake. All intake vents are protected with removable dust filters. The housing measures 455 x 202 x 440mm (L x W x H), the empty weight is 6kg.

The Sharkoon Rebel9 is available in two different fan configuration editions, so that the customer can completely tailor the hardware configuration to their individual and cooling needs: The Economy Edition, without any preinstalled fans, provides brackets for a 120mm fan on the front, two 120mm fans on each side panel, an 80mm or 120mm fan on the back side as well as a 120mm or 140mm fan on the top. The Value Edition provides a 120mm LED with 3 and 4 pin power terminals in the front, a 120mm fan on the back side and a 250mm LED fan with an integrated, external speed governor on the side panel for plenty of fresh air and illuminated by a stylish blue LED. Additionally, a 120mm or 140mm fan could be installed on the housing cover.

Both "Rebel9" Pro models stand together with another new housing model. Users who prefer an elegant aluminium front panel, instead of a mesh design, would find the Rebel9 Aluminium a suitable model: The front panel presents a massive, black brushed Aluminium cover with premium "diamond cut" edging and removable faceplates. A 120mm fan is preinstalled in the front with additional existing mounts for two 120mm fans on the side panels, an 80mm or 120mm fan on the back side and a 120mm or 140mm fan on the housing cover.

The Sharkoon Nightfall provides the same fan layouts as well as brushed aluminium with diamond polish framing. Unlike the Rebel9 models, the Sharkoon Nightfall comes with a hard drive cage in which five 3.5" drives can be installed. In addition, there are five 5.25" drive bays. The hard drives are cooled by a blue illuminating LED 120mm fan whose air intake rotates behind the front panel. The hard drive cage can be rotated 90 degrees so that the disks can be easily inserted through the opened side panel. In necessary, the cage can be removed to make space for the installation of a water cooler.

Owners of the Rebel9 Aluminium, Rebel9 Pro Economy, or the Nightfall who want to retrofit their models with the powerful 250mm LED fan of the ?Rebel9 Pro Value? model can soon also purchase the appropriate side panel separately. End customers can find the new Sharkoon Housing immediately from authorized retailers.
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Looks sharp.
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I had the old one which I bought from Maplin for £29.95 with the 250mm side fan included. The hard drive mounting system was terrible, but the best thing was the front mounted 4 x USB ports. The new one looks ok - and should be quieter as my old model had all-mesh front bays. The interior looks very familiar though - very Akasa / NZXT...

If the price is the same as it was before...
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Ok, they look VERY sexy in my opinion. If the price is right, those could be very popular.
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I like the simplicity of those cases, i may have just found my next case... if the price is right.
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Price should be right, the pervious model was really cheap. Had the Rebel9 economy (without the sidefan and 5.25" from top to bottom).

So 2nd it this picture
And this picture combined would be the new model.

New model is so much improved, PSU is now on bottom, has holes for cable management and if it still comes with the great fan bracket ( in front it's a winner. You can literally mount that at any level on the front, buy another bracket at the same time (from the old model) and you can get a wind tunnel for CPU and another feeding cold air to GPU.

Would so get one of these if I still neede a case. Oh and you'll need for example this: for those all 5.25" fronts.
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4th case

whats the case in the 2nd picture to the most right?
Those cases look pretty nice. Wish they had them here in the U.S.:(
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Black but loose

Here's what I don't get, they painted the rim black, including all the bits every few inch/cm that are suppose to make contact with the sidepanel so it is grounded and thus shielding EM, now if it's all painted doesn't that mean EM shielding is gone and it's now more a deflector?
Now you might say that's good enough but then they might as well make the rim smooth too.
And then there's the screwholes for the motherboard standoffs, those are also painted so the motherboard, which normally has silver areas around the screwholes to make contact with the case's ground via the metal standoffs also doesn't work as it should.
And the covers for the PCI(e) expansionslots are also not making proper contact with ground, apart from contact via the screws when they scrape off paint in the screwholes maybe, so basically I wonder if the case it at all grounded or just something that wildly bounces EM signals around.

It's a bit curious. But it looks nice though :)
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i dont see the Sharkoon Rebel9 Aluminum on the sharkoon's website thou
uro said:
i dont see the Sharkoon Rebel9 Aluminum on the sharkoon's website thou
I don't think they are up for sale yet. If you click on home, there is a news brief there.
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