Tuesday, February 16th 2010

Buffalo Intros MicroStation Portable SSDs

Buffalo Technology introduced its newest portable solid state drive, the MicroStation SHD-PEU2 series. These portable SSDs come in 32 GB and 64 GB capacities, measure 57 x 13 x 98 mm, and connect to the host using USB 2.0 interface. The enclosure itself has a piano-black surface. The drive's software bundle includes Memeo Autosync and Secure Lock Ware data synchronization and protection software.

"The SSD technology incorporated into Buffalo's latest drive is truly innovative and has allowed us to combine style and portability with efficiency and reliability, making it a pleasure to use," said Paul Hudson, Northern European Sales Director, Buffalo Technology. "Still not a mainstream consumer product, the MicroStation SSD portable drive is ideal for early adopters," he added. Backed with a two-year warranty, the MicroStation SSDs will reach stores later this month, with prices starting at 115 EUR.
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4 Comments on Buffalo Intros MicroStation Portable SSDs

USB 2.0?

Why? :slap:
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OneCool said:
USB 2.0?

Why? :slap:
^ what he said

if they're making portable SSD's, e-sata and USB 3.0 or dont bother.
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Most likely, they will use a slowest SSD drive.
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Xtreme Refugee
so when are SSD's going to be a mainstream consumer product? I dont believe for a second that it costs them a lot to fabricate them.
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