Wednesday, March 24th 2010

Corsair Announces 32GB Flash Voyager Mini

Corsair, a worldwide leader in high-performance computer and flash memory products, today announced the addition of a 32GB model to its award-winning Flash Voyager Mini line of USB flash drives. The increased capacity allows a huge number of movies, music, photos and personal documents to be stored in a format that’s one third the size of typical USB Flash drives.

“USB flash drive users love the convenience and ruggedness of the Flash Voyager Mini form factor,” stated John Beekley, VP of Technical Marketing at Corsair. “The increase in density to 32GB allows users to carry their digital world with them at all times on this compact drive.”
The Flash Voyager Mini utilizes a cap-less retractable USB connector, which easily opens with the flick of the thumb, and its diminutive size makes it easy to carry virtually anywhere. The rubberized housing is also durable, making it an ideal flash drive for users with busy and active lifestyles.

The 32GB Flash Voyager Mini is available immediately from Corsair's authorized distributors and resellers worldwide. Complete customer support via telephone, email, forum and Tech Support Xpress is also available.

More information about the 32GB Corsair Flash Voyager Mini and the rest of the Flash Voyager Mini line can be found here.
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4 Comments on Corsair Announces 32GB Flash Voyager Mini

FAIL i wan't my USB 3.0 to be used!!!!:shadedshu but that is a big punch for such small guy
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Overclocking Surrealism
Delta6326 said:
FAIL i wan't my USB 3.0 to be used!!!!:shadedshu but that is a big punch for such small guy
Grammar fail...

Cool flash drive, could use as a boot OS + games, movies, and the like. Transfer rates would probably be mediocre at best.
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Why do people hang out the 32 gig drives for not having USB3? A 256 or a 512 GB USB 2.0 stick I understand but there are a lot of applications for a 32 gig drive in everyday use (Unless you spend your everyday in a basement complaining about electronics).
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all those new usb drives are MLC and i don't like them at all!
i bought a 16GB Corsair GT which is slower than my 4GB Toshiba and it wasen't cheap eather :eek:

but their customer support is very nice and fast, so please release some smaller and faster stick with slc which are cheap

i would roll on the floor for a fast 2GB SLC USB stick packed in silicone like my GT
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