Tuesday, April 27th 2010

Lian Li Launches PC-T60 & PC-T7 Test Benches

Following the successful launch of PC-T1 Spider Edition, Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd. today launches two additional PITSTOP test benches – the PC-T60 and PC-T7. Ideal for DIY users with taste and space-concern, the PC-T60 ATX/Mini-ATX Test Bench and PC-T7 Mini-ITX Test Bench are hand built with top quality, simple and innovative design…all developed from Lian Li’s proven 20 years of industry experience. Just like the series name “pit stop” from Formula 1, these test benches are self-explanatory enough for users to quickly refuel, repair, get geared up and back on the racing track within no time.

PITSTOP PC-T60 and PC-T7 are test benches for standard ATX/Mini-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards, respectively. At 351mm x 330mm x 400mm (W.H.D.) and 1.8kg, the PC-T60 series is slightly bigger and heavier than the PC-T7 at 231mm x 210mm x 395mm (W.H.D.) and 1.0kg. For future upgradability and services, both the PC-T60 and PC-T7 are designed to use standard PC components: standard 5.25” optical drives, standard 3.5” hard drives, standard ATX PS/2 power supply units. The handle design also makes these added PITSTOP test benches most convenient to take away. Both series are available in red, black and silver colors.
Fast Access to all Components
First in the industry, the PITSTOP PC-T60 and PC-T7 are designed for easy and fast access to all components, including power supply units, with enough space for cable management.

Detailed Construction
To secure heavy graphic cards mounted, both models are equipped with PCI card holders. For the PC-T60 series, there are two additional aluminum handles for installation of two extra 2.5” HDD drives. For heavy duty cases like the PC-T60 and PC-T7, Lian Li’s quality aluminum construction with smooth and rounded edges demonstrate an exceptional value during the fast handling at the pit-stop.

Optional Accessories
The T60-1 and T7-1 are optional fan cooler racks that work perfectly for the PC-T60 and PC-T7 cases, respectively. They can be easily installed on the motherboard tray, allowing dual 120/140mm fans attached for additional air-flow. All motherboard trays are laser pre-cut for optional installation of USB and multimedia port connector cables.

Highlights for PITSTOP PC-T60 & PC-T7:
  • Supports ATX/Mini-ATX (PC-T60) and Mini-ITX (PC-T7) motherboards
  • Quick and easy access to all components with the open design
  • Standard 3.5” hard drives: three (PC-T60) and one (PC-T7)
  • Additional handles for two 2.5” hard drives for the PC-T60
  • Card holders for eight PCI (PC-T60) and two PCI (PC-T7) cards
  • Laser pre-cut for USB 3.0 multi-media I/O ports
  • Availability: Arriving at local distributors end of May
  • MSRP for PC-T60: US$95+local VAT for A/B (silver/black), and US$119 for R (red)
  • MSRP for PC-T7: US$69.99+local VAT for A/B (silver/black), and US$79.99 for R (red)
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10 Comments on Lian Li Launches PC-T60 & PC-T7 Test Benches

This is a good competitor against the antec skeleton.
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I was looking for a tech station... :D

Lets see if I can find a good deal on it on Newegg or something.
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That's gonna be sweet for crunching. I am gonna get a few mini-itx ones when available.
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added on my wish list :D
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i hope they give the option to extend the feet... i can see that thing toppling over with a huge CPU cooler installed...

Overall very elegant despite it being a test bench.
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lol they put such aweful hardware into it to show it off :ohwell:
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Xtreme Refugee
wow the price is actually reasonable
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I'm definitely getting myself one of the T60s when they're available.
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They really had a shot of makint it 10PCI and SR2 compatible
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I called a Lian-Li distributor here in the U.S. and was able to Pre-Order a few of these for my shop. at 119$ USD each (got the red ones), was not a bad buy. The only thing is they did not get any of the "Extras" ordered so they are going to get them on the next container. The extras I wanted was the Dual 120mm Fan Mount, and the USB/Audio Panel for them. Not a huge deal having to wait, but you would figure that they would look at the catalogs on the LL Site and see the extras for these benches. I can not wait to get them in and use them.

:toast:to Lian Li for making 1 heck of a nice looking bench, now lets see how it does next too other benches, and custom build ones I have here.
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