Tuesday, May 4th 2010

Thermaltake Launches ARMOR A90 Mid-Tower Chassis

Thermaltake, leading DIY chassis brand, is launching their latest mid-tower chassis with 2 blue LED-fans creating a spectacular combat ambiance, the ARMOR A90. Its entirely black “bulletproof” armor design with metal mesh elements and an reinforced front door lend the ARMOR A90 an extremely stylish and powerful appearance that attracts gamers and in particular MMORPG enthusiasts. A special lock mechanism for your mouse and keyboards ensures that you'll always stay in arms.

Massive storage expansion is warranted for by 6 x 3.5”, 3 x 5.25”, 1 x accessible 5.25” and 1 x 2.5” HDD/SSD bays. Optimized multimedia connectivity is prodived for by a total of 4 USB 2.0 ports, of which two are located on the top and two are positioned in the front. An additional eSATA connector on the top of the case makes it most convenient to connect your mobile storage device, while the HD microphone and headset connectors in the front offer you quick and short access.
As characteristic for Thermaltake chassis, special attention had been paid to optimized ventilation and airflow. Therefore one 20 cm blue exhaust LED-fan on top and one 12 cm intake blue LED-fan in the front have already been pre-installed and increase the combat spirit with with light-effects. One more 12 cm exhaust turbo fan on the backside top further increases air circulation. For power-users and gaming enthusiasts another 12 cm fan can be installed at the side panel for VGA cooling where cooling holes are provided for. And the triangular window right next to it let your graphics card shine and allows for a look at your hardware so you can quickly check if everything is in order.

The feet elevate the ARMOR A90 high enough as to allow for improved ventilation of the bottom based ATX PSII power supply. To avoid outside dust to find its way into your power supply a removable dust filter is positioned underneath, providing users with an easy way to keep it clean.

The ARMOR A90 is available for a suggested retail price of US $94.
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11 Comments on Thermaltake Launches ARMOR A90 Mid-Tower Chassis

It looks like decent case, not sure about the price though. whats up with Tt and these mini windows:wtf: it's like their excuse to call it a "windowed Case":rolleyes:
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PP Mguire
Must admit, i havent been impressed with anything TT has been putting out their lately.
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t77snapshot said:
It looks like decent case, not sure about the price though. whats up with Tt and these mini windows:wtf: it's like their excuse to call it a "windowed Case":rolleyes:
Viewport to hide peoples ugly wiring around the bottom and just see the cpu and ram :P
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Good looking front marred by the ugly triangles (including "window")
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Addicted to Bacon and StarCrunches!!!
i dont like the pyramid on the side panel. it looks stupid but the rest of the case is real nice! if they would change the side panel it would be a great case
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It sure does look kind of nice, I wont buy TT ever again though, I tend not to judge a book by its cover anymore, hasty chassis purchases can turn out to be the worst thing you do *sighs and looks at his TT shark*

edit: it sort of looks like an enormous HTC Touch Diamond.
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I guess TT has taken a break from copying Cooler Master to copy NZXT. It's like someone had a sale on shapes at the triangle factory. It reminds me of a NZXT Hades + Adamas.
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WCG Team Assistant
Extremely ugly, I'd far rather have an Antec 300
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TT dont make new cases, they take existing designs from other companys.......and make them worse:roll:
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Bird of Prey
I like the price, looks, fans, interior, and cable management.
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