Monday, June 21st 2010

Core i7 950 to be Priced Under $300 This August

A recent report by HKEPC shows that Intel will be cutting the prices of certain key SKUs to make them and the price-point they're targeting, more competitive. For instance, until now available for over US $500, and replaced by the Core i7 960, the Core i7 950 (LGA1366, 3.06 GHz, quad-core) chip will be placed at the $294 price-point, displacing the Core i7 930 2.80 GHz chip.

With the value segment, the socket LGA1156 Core i3 500 series chips will have a new SKU, the Core i3 560. This dual-core chip is clocked at 3.33 GHz, and priced at $138. Intel has recently released its new $200 LGA1156 quad-core chip, the Core i5 760 2.80 GHz. The new pricing will be effective from August 29.

Source: HKEPC
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28 Comments on Core i7 950 to be Priced Under $300 This August

maybe there will be a good Microcenter price for the hexacores? a 2.6ghz hexacore with HT won't be bad and shoudn't be too expensive

379~399$ at MC would be good enough :)
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I hope this means the i7 950 will be $200 @ Micro Center, there is one near me here in Houston. Probably means the 920/930 will be phased out.
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