Friday, June 25th 2010

Patriot Introduces Sector 7 Extreme Edition DDR3 Triple-Channel Memory Kits

Patriot Memory, a global pioneer in high-performance memory, NAND flash and computer peripheral solutions, today announced the immediate availability of the Viper II Series ‘Sector 7’ Edition to its family of Extreme Performance DDR3 memory. The Sector 7 Edition DDR3 is the ultimate performance memory solution for the Intel X58 system platform and has been designed with overclockers, enthusiasts and gamers in mind. Sector 7 modules are compatible for use with Intel ‘unlocked’ Core i7 and Extreme Edition Core i7 processors.

Patriot’s Sector 7 Edition is available in 6GB, 12GB and 24GB tri-channel kits in speeds ranging from 1600MHz to 2000MHz. The Sector 7 Edition products are an extension of the well received dual-channel Sector 5 Edition line of DDR3 for the P55 platform.
“The Sector 7 Edition Extreme Performance DDR3 memory is yet another example of how Patriot provides performance modules that meet and exceed the performance expectations of hardcore enthusiasts” states Les Henry, Vice President of Engineering at Patriot. “Sector 7 Edition is an update and refresh of earlier modules. This move consolidates the best of the product offering under a family of products uniquely positioned for the enthusiast. This solution fits well with our objective of offering the latest technology and best performance in our product lineup.”

The Viper II Series Sector 7 Edition is built using only the highest quality pre-sorted IC’s available and are subjected to rigorous testing and validation on the X58 platform to achieve optimized performance and maximum quality. Designed with an extruded aircraft-grade aluminum heat spreader, Sector 7 Edition modules quickly dissipate heat from the modules resulting in improved stability and reliability during extreme overclocking conditions. Each module is 100% hand-tested for quality assurance and is backed by a full lifetime warranty and industry leading customer service.
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6 Comments on Patriot Introduces Sector 7 Extreme Edition DDR3 Triple-Channel Memory Kits

I've had 4gb of Sector 5 1600mhz memory running at 1740mhz @ 1.65V for half a year now. No BSODs or crashing. Great ram and the heatsinks look awesome, better than corsair dominators. Keep it up Patriot!!!
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LMFAO, They were developed by investigating the Megatron :)
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Let's hope this doesn't cost an arm and a leg kinda like some "DOMINATORS" out there.
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Seems like they should be pretty nice, but only if they can have really tight timings and a high frequency. I am tired of all the OMGZ 2500MHz but with 10-100000-10 timings.
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Sabishii Hito
Well, in the memory manufacturers' defense, Elpida has stopped making the good Hyper ICs that could do DDR3-2000 at 8-8-8/7-8-7/7-7-7 so they have to use what's available. With that said, I'm glad I grabbed a kit of the Sector 5 sticks.
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
cool_recep said:
LMFAO, They were developed by investigating the Megatron :)
yea i think it is pretty obvious why those chose the name. :laugh:
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