Wednesday, August 11th 2010

PhotoFast Announces GMonster X Drive CF/1.8 ZIF/1.8 50pin to USB 3.0 Enclosure

PhotoFast Global Inc. a pioneer in creative, high quality and extreme performance flash-based storage manufacturer, today revealed its new line up of USB 3.0 accessories. Relied the new standard and host controller introduced to the market, PhotoFast demand to bring even higher transfer rates to meet the bottleneck where every user has experienced before.

Upgrade market has always been a major concern to PhotoFast. Several series of products has been developed to fulfill the demands of these users. A full line of 1.8" PATA SSD and adaptors are available that would enable the aged laptops to fast response and shock resistance.
When we dig deeper on this scenario we found that these replaced drive normally goes to dust or no where. The whole of this products line is to reuse the existing storage device plus the latest transfer standard, where we don't have to stand disappointing performance on those lousy USB 2.0 enclosures. A USB 3.0 enclosure will explore nearly full performance of the drives. The aluminum material is well-known for light, durability and heat conduction, which was introduced in X Drive.

We would appreciate your attention to the CompactFlash model, because X Drive is the only USB 3.0 CF card reader available out there. And it would also be the easiest DIY USB 3.0 portable drive.

In USB 3.0 standard, a female slot should contain up to 900mA power supply, which we don't usually get it from all motherboards. Especially ExpressCard add-on cards. The split cable (Y Cable) included comes very handy in practical. For more detail please visit this page. The products will be available in the market by end of September.

  • Aluminum light weight PATA to USB 3.0 Enclosure.
  • Accept 1.8 ZIF, 1.8 50pin and CompactFlash
  • Split Cable (Y Cable) to acquire enough power supply from the Laptop
  • Super Speed CompactFlash card reader.
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Me like this. After all of those 2.0 enclosures and external disks this i pretty new and innovative. Thumbs up!
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finally some 3.0 enclosures!
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