Thursday, August 12th 2010

ECS Introduces Black Series P55H-AK Motherboard for Hardcore Gamers and Overclockers

With innovative products that span multiple target markets under its belt, Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), the world's leading motherboard, graphics card, barebone system, and notebook manufacturer, announces the latest product, the ECS Black Series P55H-AK motherboard, which has powerful specifications and takes on a classic black and white color scheme.

There were lots of insane overclocking events at COMPUTEX 2010; ECS successfully created a new overclocking standard - 5 GHz for Intel latest Core Unlocked processor (Unlocked processors refer to the Core i5-655K and Core i7-875K) using just a normal air cooler. Simply put, every user can boost their gaming system easily by using the ECS M.I.B. X tweaker - the special edition overclocking interface consolidates all information about overclocking for users; getting increased system performance using typical cooling isn't that hard anymore.
Conquer Your Games with Full Power
ECS P55H-AK is the very motherboard for hardcore gamers. Full speed 3-way NVIDIA SLI is possible on the P55H-AK, thanks to the NVIDIA NF200 chipset. ECS provides amazing DDR3-2600+ memory overclocking capabilities for boosting memory bandwidth, allowing smoother performance in the latest real-time 3D games.

Moreover, with SATA 6G and eSATA 6G ports powered by Marvell, the data throughput ceiling increases by two-fold. When using high speed storage devices such as solid state drives, expect quicker game loading times over the previous generation interface. Besides internal storage, there are four USB 3.0 ports on the P55H-AK, two of which are available as a front panel header for easy file transfers with USB 3.0 external storage via USB 3.0-capable ports on the front of your casing.

ECS Qooltech III technology is a dual-heatpipe with huge heatsink designed passive cooler to ensure the stability of system when overclocking or working for extended periods.

ECS exclusive applications like eOC, eJIFFY, eBLU, eDLU deliver convenience for users, such as extracting more performance from the system safety, providing an alternative choice for Internet surfing, as well as keeping BIOS and drivers up to date.

The ECS Black Series P55H-AK motherboard limited edition is available now.
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34 Comments on ECS Introduces Black Series P55H-AK Motherboard for Hardcore Gamers and Overclockers

1. cherry picked?
2. dual vs quad?
3. will it do the same, or at least, similarly, on NON unlocked cpus?
1. Absolutely.
2. 99.99999999999% likely the 5Ghz on air was the dual - quad would melt.
3. no
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Eleet Hardware Junkie
these chips arent unlocked. they just have a 27x multi.

they are 6cores not quads.
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Though it would be EPIC if they were 5GHz quads ON AIR, I don't think even cherry-picking would make a quad hit those speeds ON AIR (and if they did, probably on borderline BSOD temps, and it definitely WON'T be stable)
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My name is Dave
HA!!! 5ghz! Someone pays attention!



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Hi Guys,

Thank you guys so much for chatting up on our new P55H-AK, We have gone a long way since our days as just a OEM Low cost value board maker. I don't believe our support is any less than our competition as a matter of fact, we are speeding up our support time and also creating various ways for our user to get in touch with us if they should have any issue.

I have to apologize to those who have had a bad experience with us, while we test 100% of our board there is still chances where we might miss and also those that might have been damage during shipping. We find that over 80% of our return most of time are not defective, so we always encourage our user to get in touch with us prior to sending back for repair or replacement to make sure they are not wasting money on shipping. Most of time if we find it reasonable and justified, we'll sent out a call tag if user had purchase the board and find it defective within 45 days to save user shipping. While not all cases are treated the same, we try our best to satisfied our customer.

If you guys should have any question, please feel free to get in touch with me.

And once again thank you guys so much for the support on the P55H-AK, Here is a video on over clocking demonstration from our PM. They do clearly state you need a AIR cooler for over clocking to over clock!

Check it out and let me know what you guys think, we always appreciate your feed back!

Vincent Wu
ECS Elitegroup Inc.
44259 Nobel Drive, Fremont, CA 94538
Office - (510) 771-0267
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Eleet Hardware Junkie
I just picked up an i5 661 I would love to try in this board
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My stars went supernova
I wonder how well it would fair if you got it up to 5Ghz, and Crunched WCG for 24Hours at the very least. I would love to see those kind of BONIC scores.
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That motherboard looks great, if I hadn't have bought my P55-GD65 before this I would have gone with this one. Nice to see that ECS is stepping up their game. :toast:
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The bclk was kept at 180 in that video and the memory at 1440 cl 9 t2... what makes this board so special for overclocking? Im not trying to be a smart ass ( i know such a direct question can come off that way) but i am actually wondering if this board does something differently that others can't with that same CPU and ram.

Edit: Well Vincent left... I have a feeling I will not get an answer to that question. :(
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