Tuesday, September 7th 2010

MSI Unveils GX660 and GT660 High Performance Gaming Notebooks

MSI's GT660 and GX600, the ultimate gaming machines, are the answer to your quandary. They feature the latest Intel Core i7 quad core CPU and top end discrete graphics card-your best weapons in a melee. The GT660 comes with the Intel Core i7 quad core processor and NVIDIA's best GTX285M discrete graphics card under the hood, while the GX660 packs the Intel Core i7 quad core processor and ATi finest HD5870 discrete graphics card, to take you deeper into your favorite high definition 3D games. So if games and films like StarCraft 2, Avatar, or Resident Evil 5 are your cup of tea, these notebooks are the perfect choice for you.

Fast and smooth
When set to Ultra Detail, the GT660 and GX660 operate at some 55-70fps when you are playing real-time strategy 3D games involving large numbers and kinds of troops… leaps and bounds faster than the 30fps of other high-end laptops and the 20-25fps of most gaming notebooks currently out there.

High performance mobile platform
If you want to connect up to the latest full HD (1920x1080) screen, when the GT660 and GX660 are set to "Ultra" high definition, they play 25~50fps, right up there with high end desk top computers, but they have the added advantage of being highly mobile. They are the best high definition, high performance mobile gaming platforms on the market.

Unparalleled sound
MSI GT660: World-class sound system designer Dynaudio worked in close cooperation with MSI to incorporate a high quality audio system into the GT660 to enhance the multimedia experience. This unprecedented sound is the result of vast amounts of study and countless calculations carried out on the GT660 to determine ideal locations for installing speakers to obtain obstruction-free sound transmission to offer gamers the ultimate gaming experience. MSI GX660: MSI collaborated with world-leader in digital cinema system design DTS for the first time. The result: technology that allows dual-channel speakers or headsets to play virtual 5.1 channel wrap-around sound. When played through Dynaudio's outstanding sound system, the GX660 produces unmatched theater-class sound, raising the bar for the notebook computer industry.
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