Tuesday, October 5th 2010

Team Announces Combo II Elite SSD

Team Group Inc. has been receiving tremendous feedback and support from power users since its launch of the SSD products. Eyeing at the increasing demand for laptop Hard Drives upgrade to SSD, Team thus launches the third model of the Combo Family, Combo II Elite. It is equipped with SATA2 and USB2.0 dual interface that fulfills the consumer’s demand for low power consumption and high-performance mobile storage. The Combo II Elite will absolutely be the perfect choice for laptop upgrade.

An improved version of the Combo II, the Combo II Elite is also equipped with built-in 64MB DDR2 memory. With the research & development, the input/output per second (IOPS) has been enhanced significantly. When compared with the 4K data block for reading and writing small files tailored for operating systems in general SSDs, the Combo II Elite has increased the writing speed up to 40% faster. Along with the extremely low lag time, users can immediately experience system startup at superb speed when installing the Combo II Elite as the system disk in any laptops. The same experience is also found when opening programs, and running image processing software with no presence of lag. Therefore, the Combo II Elite is a perfect partner that meets the demands of art designers and brings more perfect experience than any conventional hard disk drives.
Extremely convenient: SATA2 + USB2.0 dual interfaces
In fact, the dual interface design, SATA II and USB2.0, is a trademark of the Combo Family. In addition to its ability to easily replacing a conventional 2.5” hard disk drive, the Combos are also ideal mobile disks without any external case. With the maximum reading speed 235MB/s and minimum writing speed at 100MB/s (SATA2), along with the price closed to the market mainstream, the Combo II Elite is the SSD with the best C/P value on the market. Regardless if you are power users, designers or general uses, the Combo II Elite with super performance and extra value will surely be an excellent choice.

Team Group Inc. is a leading manufacturer of memory storage products, and provides the ultimate solution to satisfy consumer need for storing and sharing media and data. Team Group offers a 2 Years warranty and repair/replacement service on all SSD products.
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They speak about value without mentioning price?
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DanishDevil said:
They speak about value without mentioning price?
Yes because it isn't value :P
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