Friday, November 5th 2010

Lite-On Announces eNAU108 External Slim 8x DVD Writer

Lite-On, a global leader of optical storage solutions, released the new eNAU108 external slim 8X DVD/CD writer. Weighing only 0.4 pounds, its slim and super lightweight design makes it a perfect travel companion with any netbook or notebook.

USB-powered, the eNAU108 eliminates the need to carry a bulky power adapter. It is compatible with and supports all common DVD and CD formats so it is the convenient optical disc drive choice to keep around at home, in the office or on-the-go.
"The eNAU108 is a simple drive, designed to be a go-to writer for any home, office or traveler," says Christine Hsing, Marketing Manager for PLDS. "Its small size makes it discreet, but its functions make it a must-have."

Writing at 8X for DVDs, Smart-Burn is also featured to provide the highest writing quality for every burn. Smart-X is also included to reduce acoustic noise and vibration, resulting in the best playback quality.

The eNAU108 is great for backing up important files and stores up to 8.5GB of valuable data on a double layer disc, equivalent to 4 hours of MPEG-2 video, 1,000 songs, or 7,000 photos.

The eNAU108 is available in two colors: black and white, and will be available in mid November 2010 with an MSRP of $59.99.
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1 Comment on Lite-On Announces eNAU108 External Slim 8x DVD Writer

This dvd/cd writer won't work on my laptop

Straight out of the box,brand new,and hooked it up to my moms worked just fine! it was able to play a dvd movie w/o nay issues at all.

However,i took it home and plugged into my will not work.No matter what type of dvd or cd i put in it,it always did the same thing over and over again: The green light would come on for about 5-6 seconds and then go would never come back laptop didn't/wouldn't read any disc i put into this "LITEON 8x external eNAU108 dvd/cd writer" player.

Do i need a driver to help it read the discs? does my laptop have enough power to even run this thing? what's my problem with this thing anyway? i've tried different things to get it going,but it always does the same thing over and over again no mater what disc i insert into the player,and yes the player is connected to my laptop correctly.When a disc,dvd or cd,is inserted,the green light on this player will come on for about 6 secoinds then go off for good and my laptop will not read any disc i insert.

lil help here guys! :wtf:

this is not an issue on my moms pc,just on my laptop.
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