Friday, November 5th 2010

Planar Unveils 3D Vision Ready Desktop Monitor

Planar announced its latest 3D display suited for home entertainment, the NVIDIA 3D Vision certified Planar SA2311W. It is a 23" widescreen with full-HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, and 120 Hz refresh rate, to compliment that, it has a rated response time of 2 ms. Display input options include DVI, D-Sub, and HDMI. Its stand allows height and tilt adjustments. Backed by a 3-year warranty, the SA2311W is priced at $449, and will be available for order soon.

Source: HotHardware
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8 Comments on Planar Unveils 3D Vision Ready Desktop Monitor

Planar...any have any experience (positive or negative) with this brand?
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If it requires glasses to watch 3D stuff, not interested:wtf:
Wile E
Power User
Panel type?
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habe fidem
I heard a while back that Planar was really good quality, don't know if that still applies though.
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Don't you guys think that 3d gaming is a little bit slow in going mainstream ? It has HUGE potential in games yet you see more spam about 3d TV's than 3d games.
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Swamp Monster
I don't like the idea of 3D glasses too. I heard somewhere that nintendo has portable game console with 3D that doesn't require glasses. If only this technology could come to monitors faster...
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Completely Bonkers
These monitors should INCLUDE the infrared glasses controller, and a webcam, and a mic, to reduce the USB, cable, desk and dongle clutter.

"3D" needs a proper branding and minimum specs, just like Windows logo stickers etc.

Otherwise they are nothing more than 120Hz TFTs and who knows the persistence/shadowing quality
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The Nintendo 3DS screen outputs very clear the 3D image without glasses. But so far it seems that is verry difficult to implement that tech to bigger res screens. That could change in the near future. And I think a 3D logo sticker should be permitted only to those types of screend, not just to any 120hz screens. ;)