Tuesday, December 7th 2010

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 GPU Gives Gamers Explosive Performance and Quiet Gaming

Hot on the heels of last month's successful launch of the GeForce GTX 580 graphics processing unit (GPU), NVIDIA today announced the immediate availability of the GeForce GTX 570 -- the newest addition to its GTX 500 Series of DirectX 11 (DX11) GPUs designed for PC gaming enthusiast platforms. The GeForce GTX 570 brings a new level of DX11 price/performance to the enthusiast PC gaming market while maintaining quiet acoustics and is available starting today from the world's leading add-in card partners, including ASL, ASUS, Colorful, ECS, EVGA, Gainward, Galaxy, Gigabyte, Innovision 3D, Jetway, Leadtek, MSI, Palit, Point of View, PNY, Sparkle, Zotac and others.
Like all NVIDIA "DX11 Done Right" GPUs, the GTX 570 delivers the world's fastest performance for DirectX 11 (DX11) games in its class. When compared to the closest competitive product, the GTX 570 is up to 128 percent faster in today's newest DX11 tessellated games, and even 30 percent faster in previous-generation DX9 and DX10 games as well. With all of this performance under the hood, it is no wonder why GeForce GPUs remain as the world's number one brand for consumer GPUs.

With full support for NVIDIA 3D Vision and NVIDIA Surround technologies, the GeForce GTX 570 GPU also provides the graphics horsepower and video bandwidth needed to experience games and high-definition Blu-ray movies in eye-popping stereoscopic 3D on a single display or spanning across three screens for an immersive gaming environment. And with NVIDIA SLI technology, the industry's most scalable multi-GPU platform, gamers will be delighted by the sheer increase in gaming performance by adding a second GeForce GTX 570 to their PC.

For a more lighthearted take on the GeForce GTX 570 and additional product specifications, please visit this page.
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7 Comments on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 GPU Gives Gamers Explosive Performance and Quiet Gaming

What! I thought it was going to be released on the 12th.
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claylomax said:
What! I thought it was going to be released on the 12th.
May just be a press release...

scrub that, they're available at Newegg.

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well if you die from the explosion then it would become very quiet indeed :) making fun of nvidia never becomes boring :D
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Omg,this sounds sweet,but i just want to see how the new AMD cards will perform,so i can finaly upgrade.
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going to be a lot of 480's lying rotting on warehouse shelves unless they get pumped down to firesale prices.
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What amazes me is how fast they launched the 580 in order to compete with AMD's Cayman cards, which aren't even out yet. And now they pumped out the 570.
Its just mind boggling how quick you can get things done if you have the money.
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MxPhenom 216
Corsair Fanboy
This 570 might be my card of choice when BF3 and Crysis 2 comes out
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