Friday, December 10th 2010

XFX Custom-Design Radeon HD 6850 Reaches Stores

XFX' in-house design AMD Radeon HD 6850 accelerator, was released to the markets, carrying a price tag of US $195. The card uses a custom high-performance dual-fan GPU cooler that makes use of a large aluminum fin array to which heat is conveyed by 8 mm thick copper heatpipes. The card also makes use of AMD reference speeds: 775 MHz core, and 1000 MHz (4000 MHz GDDR5 effective) memory. It draws power from one 6-pin PCI-E power connector, can pair with another HD 6800 series graphics card over CrossFireX, and includes display outputs of two DVI, an HDMI, and a DisplayPort.

Source: TechConnect Magazine
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27 Comments on XFX Custom-Design Radeon HD 6850 Reaches Stores

RejZoR said:
Yet another dump the heat inside case cooler. How boring...
But what if you don't have a case???? A man's computer goes on a tech bench :rockout:
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Bird of Prey
That is one sexy card. However with it running cooler and quieter than even the HD5X series I dont see the need for the elaborate cooler. At least it should make overclocking it better :)
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