Tuesday, December 14th 2010

Colorful Announces Single-Slot iGame GeForce GTS 450 Buri-SLIM Graphics Card

Colorful, one of the biggest AICs in Asia, announces their new product - a single-slot GTS450, named iGame450-1024M Buri-SLIM. We had seen the PCB of this item before, which quipped 3+1 phases VRM, all high-C POSCAP capacitors onboard, and driven by ONSENMI MOSFET. And the chocks attract many peoples' eyes- they are threaded installed on the PCB. And also, the PCB is ventilated, so it could improve the thermal performance for the components on the PCB.

Today, we are glad to see Colorful announces the full sample. The card uses a cooper base radiator. The air is leaded to left-top side by the vents which are tightly installed on the cooper base, and the exhaust will be radiated from the vents on the cooler cover and top side.
The Clock of this slim card is set to the standard level, 783MHz for the Core and 3608MHz for the memory. And it uses 1G DDR5 memory, has 2 dual-link DVI port and a mini-HDMI port.EMI shield of DVI ports will be installed in the shipment cards.
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Cooling system

It has some similarity with the air flow of the radeon 3850s.
I wonder how long the designer needed to calculate the right airflow, just look at the amount of openings and different sizes... :toast:

Would be my dream card for htpc except the airflow direction. Exactly opposite :cry:
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I think that if the holes in the PCB don't help sufficiently, it will be like my (reference?) Sapphire HD 4850 when it still had the stock cooler. Once it was time to speed up, the fan started to make sure that I was hearing about its existence. Like a vacuum cleaner.
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